Leila Worth, VMD, PhD, DACVR
Board-Certified in Radiology

Dr. Leila Worth spent her formative years in Europe and returned to the US for college at Williams where she majored in Math and Psychology. After getting a PhD in Social Psychology from the University of California at Santa Barbara she taught at the Pennsylvania State University. Feeling less than fulfilled she left her first career to go to veterinary school at the University of Pennsylvania. Following veterinary school she completed an internship in large animal ultrasound and cardiology at the New Bolton Center. A residency in radiology (also at Penn) was a natural next step. When done with her specialty education she moved to Colorado where she joined Diagnostic Imaging a group of boarded veterinary radiologists serving the Denver metro area. When not working Leila enjoys any form of biking or skiing, ice climbing, and running with her dogs Ditto and Hudson. Currently her family consists of two dogs.